Nadia Al Jundi angers director

Published March 6th, 2007 - 08:34 GMT

Egyptian actor Nadia Al Jundi has once again gotten herself involved in an endless dispute with the director of her upcoming television drama “Man Atlak Al Rasas Ala Hind Alaam?” (Who Shot Hind Alaam?).


Filming has been underway for a year, and the drama was originally to be screened during last Ramadan season.


According to the London based Elaph, disputes between Nadia and director Khaled Bahjat erupted when he accused Nadia of failing to memorize her lines.  The cast and crew were forced to stop filming, although Bahjat is still trying to complete the drama.


The drama is written by Yusra Al Jundi and produced by Mohammad Fawzi. The cast includes Khaled Zaki, Ibrahim Yusri, Salwa Khatab, Lika Al Khamisi, Mohammad Sulieman, Khaled Al Sawi and Madleen Tabar.


Nadia purchased a new wardrobe from Paris for the role, which marks her second leading role on the small screen. She is hoping to make up for her prolonged absence with the new drama, which is being filmed on location at Egyptian tourist sites and abroad.


The drama is filled with adventure and mystery, something Nadia loves to be part of whether on the big screen or on television.


The script revolves around a journalist who has been targeted by an assassin, and she begins a quest to find out who is behind her attempted murder.

Despite the harsh criticism Nadia received for her previous drama “Mishwar Imra’a” (A Woman’s Journey), she decided to move forward with new roles.



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