Najwa Karam to Tie the Knot SOON?! Here's the Picture of Her Rumored Hubby

Published July 26th, 2021 - 07:44 GMT
Najwa Karam rumored husband ramz marry marriage

Will we see Najwa Karam marrying again after Youssef Harb?

Lebanese controversial journalist Nidal Al-Ahmadieh, 57, has unfolded some interesting news about the love life of Lebanese songstress known as Sun of The Song, Najwa Karam.

During an interview with Tony Khalifa in his latest talk show So'al Mohrej 'An Embarassing Question', Nidal said that Najwa Karam will get married soon.

Al-Ahmadieh described Karam's future-rumored husband as 'classy, educated and wealthy', and that he's a friend of Nidal's, adding that he's more important than Najwa Karam's ex-husband, producer Youssef Harb.

Nidal continued that Najwa Karam's future husband is not Lebanese, but rather holds another nationality, refusing to reveal his identity.

She also pointed out that they were preparing for a wedding that was supposed to take place earlier, but they had to postpone it due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Najwa Karam rumored husband ramz marry marriage

After Nidal Al-Ahmadieh broke Najwa Karam's marriage news, reports started to emerge revealing more details about the man who allegedly stole Najwa's heart.

It was circulated that the new paramour's name is 'Ramz', and he works in the field of design as well as music writing. It was also reported that he is married and has children.

Najwa's rumored romance was not the only reason that caused her name to go viral.

The Lebanese songstress teased her fans with a new poster of her new music 'Maghroumi 2'.

Followers couldn't decide whether Najwa is releasing a new song or a whole album, but what caught their attention was the name of the album 'Maghroumi 2' which means 'in love', and they saw it as a confirmation of Nidal's statements that she's actually romantically involved with someone.

Najwa Karam had released 'Maghroumi 1' in 1998, and it is considered a signature song for Karam.


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