Nancy Ajram launches her second 'kiddy' album

Published May 6th, 2012 - 01:10 GMT
Nancy Ajram is back to singing for kids
Nancy Ajram is back to singing for kids

Nancy Ajram pledges to sing for children again, in her second album catering for children music.  And she has six songs to prove it!

Lebanese singer, Nancy Ajram has announced that her special album for kids will include six songs, all of them written by Nabil Khalaf, and composed by Waleed Saad. They were 'arranged' by Toma and Osama Al Hindi. 

Nancy, already a mother of two, had once upon a time sworn not to sing kids' songs again, but has recently been making noises about having more children herself. Perhaps this could explain her rekindled relationship to children-themed music. “Shakhbat Shakhabeet” (Scribble and Scrabble), released in 2009 was a big phenomenon and won her the child-friendly image, backed by that sugar-soaked 'baby girl' voice - no doubt fostered by spending time around her own two little girls.

Nancy added, speaking to Egyptian Newspaper “Al Watan”, that she had underwent several sessions with Lebanese director Leila Kanaan to discuss the finer details of the album and to select songs for filming as video clips.

Nancy, not to lose sight of her grown-up mother-of-two persona, also revealed that she’s almost done recording her songs for the 'adult' album (hopefully not too raunchy an ensemble!)  in which she collaborates with an impreesive number of poets and composers. Sounds more classical and serious than her child gig!


What do you think of Nancy's sexy allure that captivates the child as well as the adult? Would you rather she stuck to catering for adults or continued to sing for children?





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