Nancy Ajram: It took me four plastic surgeries to look this good

Published August 18th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has publicly announced that she underwent four different plastic surgeries to reach the high standards of beauty and look the way she does. Nancy stressed that she finds no fault in undergoing plastic surgeries to improve the way a person looks, and even regard it as necessary if a singer wants to succeed. 


According to the Arab magazine, Huryati, Nancy added that most female singers have had a number of plastic surgeries not wanting to reveal any of their names. She feels that everyone who has a chance to have a plastic surgery done should do it and not necessarily only artists. 


Ajram, who has reached stardom around the Arab world, revealed that she had put a lot of effort into herself to be a successful singer. The singer denied that her looks, seductive moves, or her revealing cloths are what made her reach the top. Nancy stressed that ever since she was a little girl she has been studying music and had in fact learned to play a number of musical instruments. 


Recently, Ajram demanded to be paid one million US dollars to accept an offer to star in the new Egyptian film ‘Al Basha Talmith” (The Pasha a Student) alongside Egyptian actor Karim Abdul Aziz. The director and producer of the film were in absolute shock when the singer requested such a large amount, especially after they had set a previous wage of 155 thousand US dollars for her.  


The director Mohammad Yassin stressed that Nancy’s condition will not be met especially since the entire budget of the film is not 1 million US dollars. Mohammad added that he had at first nominated Hannan Turk, but she had declined since she is already involved in a number of works at the time, then his choice was Muna Zaki, who also turned down the offer after having her first baby recently, and now he is looking for a replacement.  


Ajram was recently awarded Best Arab Female singer at the Music Video Oscar Awards in Sharm El Sheikh- Egypt. Nancy’s award had caused a number of disputes to take place among the judging committee because of a sudden change in the results causing a number of judges to pullout. Nancy was awarded the Oscar for her song “Akhasmak Aah” (I’ll Upset You), and Lebanese singer Assi Hilani was awarded the Oscar for Best Male Singer for his song “In Kan Alaiah” (If It Was Up To Me).  


Nancy admits that her popularity came after she released the hit single “Akhasmak Aah”, and that it caught the eyes of viewers for the fact that she underwent many daring and seducing moves. But Nancy added that looks were not the only factor that made her and the song a success, and that if she did not possess a talent for singing, album sales would not be so high.  


Nancy said that her songs were never banned in Egypt and that the news was a false rumor. It was added that on July 4, 2003 Nancy held a live concert at the Alexandria song festival. It was rumored that an official request by the Egyptian Parliament had been released demanding the ban of Ajram’s songs. The Parliament has ordered that all satellite and local TV stations stop the airing of Nancy’s songs, especially “Akhasmak Aah” (I’ll Upset You Yes), due to the nature of its content and the manner in which the music video is shot. – 

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