Nardine Farag is Making 'The Voice' Enjoyable Again

Published April 16th, 2018 - 11:30 GMT
Nardine Farag via Instagram
Nardine Farag via Instagram

The fourth season of every Arab’s favorite talent competition show, The Voice, started last month with an epic makeover. Lebanese Singer Assi El Hallani was joined by Egyptian Singer Mohamed Hamaki, Lebanese Singer Elissa, and Emirati Singer Ahlam. Yet, the one lady we’re obsessed with is the show’s latest addition and TV host, Nardine Farag.

The television presenter and actress began her career in 2008 as a radio presenter at Egypt’s Nogoom FM station, and later on became the director of the 88.2 radio station. Farag presented the third and fourth seasons of Arabs Got Talent Extra, as well as ET Bel Arabi.

Yet, one thing we’re obsessed with when it comes to the multitalented TV personality is her style. We like to think of Nardine Farag as the Egyptian version of Giuliana Rancic. The Fouq Mostawa El Shobohat and El-Hessab Yegma’ actress has been flaunting some serious fashion moments all over her Instagram account.

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