Dubai favorite Ne-Yo cuts the fat with vegan diet

Published January 3rd, 2013 - 01:25 GMT
Ne-Yo says no more to "meat" via Twitter
Ne-Yo says no more to "meat" via Twitter

‘The Cracks in Mr Perfect’ singer has revealed his New Year’s resolution is try to give up all meat, dairy and animal products - but he has admitted he is not looking forward to the challenge.

The 30-year-old shared his plans with his fans via his Twitter page. He wrote:

“What’s everybody’s New Year’s resolution? I’m gonna try to go vegan. Discipline test. NOT looking forward to it. Wish me luck!” The father-of-two is just the latest in a number of well-known celebrities to adopt the lifestyle change, including Leona Lewis and Avril Lavigne. But despite doing his bit for the planet, Ne-Yo has previously admitted that he isn’t perfect.

He said: “I’m a gentleman, but I’m a human being first, and a human being is not always polished and pretty. ‘The Cracks in Mr Perfect’ speaks on the perfection of imperfection. Coming into the game, I didn’t realise the perception of the artist as this perfect being.”

Ne-Yo - who has performed in Dubai and previously worked with Michael Jack­son, Mary J Blige and Beyonce - credits his musical ability to his mum, who encouraged him to express himself.

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