Nearly a million YouTube clucks! Halwani ad goes viral

Published May 13th, 2016 - 09:00 GMT
The ad was released seven weeks ago. (Screenshot)
The ad was released seven weeks ago. (Screenshot)

It’s simple. Egyptians love adverts. We grew up loving the fictional characters, singing their songs and choreographing dances to their beats. A little more than a month ago, the funniest and most adorable Halwani chicken ad was released and people instantly fell in love.

The idea that chickens are applying for a full time job that demands a fit body with perfect biceps and never saying no to a challenge even if it was ending up to be a sedr panee is brilliant. Our favorite line has to be, “Tekun men 3ila mo7afza we chic, gena7a malemsoosh ablena deek.”

The gifted minds at Mahdys (Creative Agency), Ihab Tawfik (Halwani’s Marketing Director) and Bam (Digital Media Agency) did such a tremendous job that the video soon became one of the most watched ads in the MENA region, according to Google. In just seven weeks, the ad has garnered almost one million views on YouTube.

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