Nicole Saba reveals her REAL age, talks plastic surgery and says Elissa isn't the best!

Published November 2nd, 2015 - 09:27 GMT
Nicole Saba admits to being more popular in Egypt than she is in Lebanon. (Facebook)
Nicole Saba admits to being more popular in Egypt than she is in Lebanon. (Facebook)

If you thought Nicole Saba was the sweet girl-next-door, you're not mistaken. But that doesn't stop her from bluntly and honestly voicing her opinions whenever she has the chance.

In a recent interview on Al Hayat TV's talk show "100 Questions," Nicole had a lot to say about her fellow Arab stars, plastic surgery and her daughter.

After revealing her real age - 38 - Nicole admitted to having gone under the knife a total of three times. While she wasn't about to admit where and when she had them done, except for the obvious nose job, Nicole explained that this is a private matter that shouldn't have to be discussed on TV or elsewhere, except with her nearest and dearest.

The busy bee explained that stars tend to face harsh conditions such as heavy lighting, excess make up, long filming hours and a poor diet, all of which lead to them looking fatigued and unhealthy. These in return lead them to undergo surgery or cosmetic procedures that bring back to life their fresh-faced camera-ready faces.

But if talking surgery is private, what about discussing her little girl? That's alright, as long as her picture isn't posted on social media. Nicole is a protective mama and said that revealing what her daughter looks like is "unnecessary" and will only satisfy people's curiosity.

Discussing her fellow showbiz buddies, Nicole admitted that Egyptian artist Tamer Hosny is the best male singer-turned-actor, more so than Egyptian superstar Amr Diab, while placing Lebanese starlet Haifa Wehbe in first place as the best female singer-turned-actress.

Nicole did however say that her hubby Youssef el Khal is the best actor in Lebanon and that Lebanese superstar Elissa isn't the best singer of her generation.

Speaking of her popularity in the Middle East, Nicole admitted that she is much more popular in Egypt than she is in her native Lebanon.

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