Nidal al Ahmadieh Threatens to Reveal Amro Diab's Secrets!

Published August 1st, 2017 - 03:02 GMT
Lebanese TV presenter Nidal al Ahmadieh. (Instagram / nidalalahmadieh)
Lebanese TV presenter Nidal al Ahmadieh. (Instagram / nidalalahmadieh)

The Sherine and Amr Diab feud saga continues today.

The two stars are back in the spotlight (not that they ever really leave it) with Lebanese TV presenter Nidal Al Ahmadieh taking aim at Diab, saying, “You know what we know about you!”

Such tantalizing secrets.

Artists and audiences alike have split down the middle on the issue. Among these is Nidal Al Ahmadieh, a Lebanese TV presenter who has chosen to take aim at Amro Diab.

In a TV interview with Mohammed El Gheity, Al Ahmadieh said that Diab had “stabbed” Sherine in the back in some sort of private way.

She added that Diab had bad-mouthed Sherine, saying some really nasty things about her. The irony of her then saying “really nasty things” about Diab herself on air in return has yet to occur to her.

She added that Diab was hardly “an international superstar” and that, without Sherine, nobody would know who he was at all.

As a quick test, I asked four people who Amro Diab was. They all knew. The same was true of Sherine. Nidal Al Ahmadieh, on the other hand, was known to only one of them.

It’s hardly science, but then again this stuff isn’t doing public discourse any favours, either.

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