No more naughty antics: Puppet Abla Fahita draws the final curtain on her popular TV show

Published June 2nd, 2016 - 07:57 GMT
It's sad to see Abla Fahita's satirical comedy show go. (File photo)
It's sad to see Abla Fahita's satirical comedy show go. (File photo)

Egyptian online public figure, recording artist, inappropriate widow and a self-proclaimed internet millionaire, Abla Fahita, has been part of our lives for years, we’ve followed every single thing she did through Twitter and YouTube and she’s been making TV appearances since 2010 causing controversy and getting sued many times until she snagged her very own TV show last year.

In April 10th, 2015, Fahita’s show “El Duplex” premiered on CBC becoming the #1 rated TV show in CBC’s history and #4 in Egypt’s nationwide TV ratings after only five episodes and Fahita became “the top billed celebrity in the Arabic programme without a doubt” as reported by The Drum at the Dubai Lynx Festival of Creativity. Now three seasons and a bit over a year later, Fahita is ready to say her goodbyes to the silver screen in what allegedly is going to be her final show. 


The creators of the show have expressed that they’re content with having completed three seasons of the show and that they currently don’t have any plans for upcoming episodes or projects (or at least for the time being). The decor of “The Duplex” that has witnessed 38 episodes of the show will be demolished by the beginning of Ramadan. “The Duplex” was located at the iconic Cinema Radio in Downtown which has recently became a landmark for hosting the biggest comedy TV shows in Egypt and the Arab world, previously hosting the very successful show “El Bernameg” by Bassem Youssef before being canceled. Cinema Radio is set to be renovated once again for another upcoming comedy show that is set to premiere next September.


Last night the Scoop Empire team were invited to the very last “El Duplex” show and we’ve got all the inside scoop. The Abla started the episode shining in a Hany El Behairy dress (who was in the audience) talking about Ramadan and criticizing all of the Ramadan shows and about how they’re basically all action, agony and abs. She then celebrated the third season (and possibly the show) coming to an end with a recap of all three seasons including some never before seen footage that will make you laugh your ass off as well as shots of her controversial correspondent, Shady Hussein who went to jail for pulling a prank on a few cops in a video that went viral earlier this year and who was also among the audience and screamed after the video “Ba7ebek ya Abla!”


The Abla was then joined by her daughter Karkoura to interview the guest, “A7eboosh” actress Ayten Amer (Wafaa Amer’s sister as Fahita and Karkoura reminded her over and over again) talking about Ramadan and the seven sins. They were later joined by Arab Idol’s Mohamed Rashad who sang about eight-nine songs (most of which won’t even be aired) including some very traditional songs and old popular Ramadan TV shows theme songs.

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