No Rainbow Flags Please! Is Nancy Ajram HOMOPHOBIC?

Published August 19th, 2018 - 01:12 GMT
Ajram supposedly has a huge fan base from the gay population.
Ajram supposedly has a huge fan base from the gay population.

Written by Zaid Bawab

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram faced lots of negative comments after her manager Jiji Lamara asked organizers of her concert in Sweden not to allow raising rainbow flags during her concert.

Nancy's concert in Sweden happened at the same time 'Pride Week' was happening in the country, and after Nancy's manager asked to prevent audience members of entering with rainbow flags, many from the Swedish audience expressed their anger at the Lebanese singer on social media outlets with many pages attacked Ajram, at the same time as defending gay rights, especially given the singer supposedly has a huge fan base from the gay population.

This comes however after Nancy was said to be supportive of LGBT rights when she wore a T shirt with rainbow colors in the backstage of 'the voice kids' TV show.

In another story, Nancy's pregnancy seems to have an effect on her clothing choices, as the star who usually chooses calm colors like Black or whites, seems to be loving the color Red these days, as she appeared in three different red dresses in three different concerts in less than a month.

Nancy Ajram in 2018 'Beirut Holidays' concert (Source: nancyajram - Instagram)

Apart from the dress Nancy chose to wear in her 'Beirut Holidays' concert, we are not sure if the other two dresses suit her persona and age.

Nancy Ajram at 'Kobayat Festival' (Source: nancyajram - Instagram)

Nancy Ajram in Concert at Gothenburg - Sweden  (Source: zoleikha ajram - Instagram)


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