Noah Cyrus is Officially Dating Lil Xan

Published August 2nd, 2018 - 08:00 GMT
Noah Cyrus is dating rapper Lil Xan (Source: noahcyrus / Instagram )
Noah Cyrus is dating rapper Lil Xan (Source: noahcyrus / Instagram )

Noah Cyrus is dating rapper Lil Xan.

The 18-year-old singer is reportedly really happy with the Soundcloud rapper but their relationship is very "new".

A source told People magazine: "It's new."

The pair sparked speculation of a romance after they shared a string of pictures on social media together.

Captioning one, Noah wrote: "Ok fr. look at this lil nuggetttt!!! also we both so sad its so sweet (sic)"

Noah is still quite new to fame but luckily has her older sister Miley Cyrus to guide her.

Miley previously said she always tells her younger sister to keep the comments function turned off and to never search herself on Google.

She said: "I always tell Noah, keep your Instagram comments turned off. Never read anything that anyone says about you. Don't Google yourself ... Now with Noah being on the road, she kind of understands, more than ever, how I feel of how draining it is. She kind of understands how hard it is now. Now having someone that really understands how hard it can be when you're away from home for a month, me and my little sister have a new bond over that ... I'm really proud of her that she did. I think she really didn't involve me as much ... I think she just wanted to get out on her own two feet without this having anything to do with me."

And if Noah hadn't made it a singer, she would be an equestrian.

She said: "I thought I was going to go to the Olympics riding horses. Then I fell off one, broke my shoulder and had to take time out. I couldn't move. I was in the worst shoulder contraption ever and I had to have two surgeries."

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