Not What You Think! What Does Mia Khalifa Post on Instagram During Coronavirus Outbreak?

Published March 26th, 2020 - 11:01 GMT
Mia Khalifa

Sports commentator and ex porn star Mia Khalifa is currently spending her time at home in quarantine just like most Americans, due to Coronavirus outbreak in the States.

Since then, Mia has not been going to photo shoots - as shown from her Instagram account - instead; she spends her time posting throwbacks, pictures of her meals, and new apps she's been trying.

Nudes had a small portion of what the Lebanese beauty posts, but with a sporty flavor, such as showing off her ripped abs and toned body.

Here is a timeline of Mia Khalifa's Instagram posts since the beginning of March:

March 5th:


Yo this is wild, when do I have to give these abs back? 😭

A post shared by Mia K. (@miakhalifa) on


March 9th:


Need to get back in the torture chamber with @valdemarfredriksson ASAP 😫 @vfctraining

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March 12th:


March 14th:


March 17th:


March 21st:


Also on March 21st:


Before I get sentimental, lemme just urge you to order take out from, and, and any/all of your neighborhood spots while they try and survive to serve you. We don’t have time to wait for government action, we have to do what we can, while we still can. Tonight was the twilight zone... Thank you @dcberan and your family at and for getting creative during these times. As much as I love eating your caviar and chips in my pajamas, I’m counting down the days until I can sit in your dining rooms again. I have my heart set on being able to dine there with @robertsandberg on the night of our would-be-wedding this June ♥️

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March 24th:



March 25th:


I haven’t showered in two days, this was the last time I wore something not elastic 😭

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