Nour El Sherif unable to maintain popularity this Ramadan

Published October 30th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

A public survey that was made on one of the Arab Internet websites has clearly showed that the popularity of Egyptian actor Nour El Sherif as the leading actor in Ramadan television dramas has decreased significantly this year. Nour has been holding the number one spot for the best television dramas during the past few years, but this year he was unable to maintain that rank with his Ramadan television drama "Aish Ayamak" (Live Your Days). 


Sherif's drama, which revolves around a man going through a midlife crisis, ranked number 6 on the poll. The drama talks about how man react when they reach mid-age and how they begin to act like teenagers to feel that they are young once more.  


Recently, Nour had an accident on his way home from shooting the final scenes of “Eish Ayamak” leading to a broken leg. The actor was forced to wear a cast for twenty-one days in order to heal.  


Despite being hit by a car and breaking his leg, the actor refused to postpone filming due to the fact that he knows time is critical at this point especially with Ramadan being just around the corner. Nour stressed that his absence from work would mean delaying and so he makes it a point to be the first person in the studios to complete shooting the final scenes of drama.  


Egyptian writer/critic Dasouqi Said, head of the Association for Genuine Arts, has recently published and released a new book entitled “Nour El Sherif a Journey in the Road of Art, Thought and Politics”. The book tackles the highlights of the actor’s career and presents different stages throughout his life other than what people know.  


The book reveals the actor’s political side and what his beliefs are with regards to politics as well as his artistic side and how he is a thinker, reported the Qatar based daily, Al Raya. The book also includes many personal photographs of Nour featuring rare ones with Tawfiq Al Hakim, Najib Mahfouz, and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat. –Albawaba 

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