Olly Murs Looks For The Perfect Girl

Published October 28th, 2018 - 06:37 GMT
Olly Murs wants a girl to "blow his socks off" (Source: ollymurs / Instagram )
Olly Murs wants a girl to "blow his socks off" (Source: ollymurs / Instagram )

Olly Murs wants a girl to "blow his socks off".

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' hitmaker - who split from ex-girlfriend Francesca Thomas in 2015 - has been dating here and there and "having fun" but hasn't found anyone "perfect" just yet.

He said: "I've been dating people, having fun, but there's nobody perfect. I want someone to blow my socks off."

However, the 34-year-old singer has been sworn off dating apps and finds them too "judgemental".

He added: "I found them very judgmental. I'm looking at someone going, 'Don't like their eyebrows, don't like their face, don't like the outfit.' You become, what's the word for it? Shallow? That's it. Didn't like it, came off it."

And the 'Troublemaker' singer "struggles" being on his own.

He shared: "I have my family and friends, but I miss that one person who wants to listen to me, give me cuddles, and just to be with me. Especially when you're a twin, like me; it's part of your DNA. I struggle to be on my own because I was born with someone ... That's just the person I am, very active. I love meeting people, chatting, the energy. Mind you, if I have a girlfriend I love lazy days in watching TV, having a little snuggle on the sofa. So for me, if I can find the right girl at the right time it would be amazing."

Olly would love to have children one day - but is waiting to find the right person.

He told The Times' Weekend supplement: "I'm 35 next year and I want kids, but it's important to have the right person, the right moment in life. Actually, if I was to have a baby now, I could deal with it. My career is in a good place and I could give this baby, if I had one, an opportunity."

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