Oman relives Umm Kulthum's iconic music during the Muscat Chamber Music Series

Published January 25th, 2015 - 08:16 GMT

Arabesque International held its third event to draw attention and support for its Muscat Chamber Music Series, this time with a concert featuring the music of Egyptian diva Om Kolthoum.

The concert, held on Wednesday evening at Al Bustan Palace - A Ritz-Carlton Hotel, starred Egyptian singer Rehab Omar and the Maged Sorour Ensemble for Arabic Music. 

Like Om Kolthoum, Rehab Omar has a warm, rich voice with a very expressive tone. Her voice seemed to caress the lyrics and she sang from her heart. The concert included a number of Om Kolthoum classics such as "Hayarti Qalbi Ma'ak (You Confused My Heart)", "Inta Omri (You Are My Life)" and "Hajartak (I Left You)." 

The audience was especially appreciative of Omar's performance of "Inta Omri," giving her loud cheers. A few people even rose to their feet applauded her, a sign of how moved they were by her voice. Though she has performed often, Omar seemed genuinely touched by the audience's reaction, which was lovely to see. 

The musicians were also very good. Maged Sorour, who organised the ensemble, is a very fine qanun player who has performed with a number of Arab stars, including Wadih El Safi, Mohammed Abdu and Kadim Al Sahir. He plays with obvious joy and sensitivity. 

Om Kolthoum's music has a very special place in the hearts of most Arabs, and there was no doubt the audience was thrilled with the concert. Whether the concert-goers were old enough to remember her weekly radio performances, or simply grew up listening to her songs, the evening surely brought back fond memories for everyone. 

The aim of the concert, however, was not just to entertain the crowd which packed the Oman Auditorium, but to remind the audience of the importance of music and the need for more educational music events and programmes, explained Arabesque International's GM, Ahmed Abouzahra. 

The purpose of the Muscat Chamber Music Series is to bring high-quality chamber music ensembles to Muscat for one to three weeks to do education and outreach activities, followed by a concert that will be free to the public. 

For more information about the Muscat Chamber Music Series or to lend support to the initiative, contact Arabesque International at

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