Is Omar Sharif dealing with Alzheimer's?

Published December 9th, 2013 - 09:13 GMT
An 81-year-old Omar says he has become forgetful with his old age. (Image: Facebook)
An 81-year-old Omar says he has become forgetful with his old age. (Image: Facebook)

This isn't the first time Omar Sharif has been accused of forgetting things, but has he actually been struggling with Alzheimer's and dementia? According to rumors, the actor has quit acting because he simply can't remember any of his lines. 

But 'forget' what we've just said, because even if they're ill, celebs in this part of the world rarely admit it! Omar's official spokesperson Enas Baker denied the false claims as 'mere lies.'

She told Laha Magazine that the only thing Omar is suffering from is extreme fatigue and a broken heart over the trials and tribulations of homeland Egypt, which make him a touch 'forgetful' or scatty at times. Well, he is politically-active after all: Omar said in an interview in July that he's “100% behind the Egyptian people.” 

Sounds a bit silly, but Mademoiselle Enas said that Omar's doctor's orders were to get plenty of rest and to, umm, stop watching the news! What a frightful doctor's order for any respectable (news-loving) Arab man!

This sounds at odds with the horse's mouth from back in July; the 81-year-old actor told director Enas Al Dughaidi that due in his senior years or dotage, he tends to forget a lot of things, which is the reason he tries to avoid dwelling on the past but lives in the present. 

According to his right-hand woman, Omar will be returning to Egypt once it's settled down a lil bit, (chance'll be a fine thing!) to begin working on one of the many TV offers he's been swamped with.

Whatever you do, don't forget about your fans, Lawrence of Arabia!

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