The Oscars' carpet won't be red this year

Published March 12th, 2023 - 12:32 GMT
The Oscars' carpet won't be red this year
This year's host will be Jimmy Kimmel

ALBAWABA - Red is the first color that jumps to our heads when we say Oscars, but not this year, as the stars will walk down a champagne colored carpet, and not red. 

It's been a year since last year's Oscars, where the Rock-Smith slap occurred and according to this year's host, the color beige is used because everyone is confident no blood will be shed on the carpet. 

This will be the first time since 1961 that the carpet's color will be replaced with a beige color, as the organizers of the event stated that they changed the color to add sophistication.

Consultant Lisa Love said it "was inspired by watching the sunset on a white sand beach with a glass of champagne in hand, evoking calm and peacefulness."

However, not all Academy members are happy with the new color choice, one member shared: "Why do they have to mess with everything? We’ve had a red carpet for six decades. It’s part of the glamour. Beige is boring."

This year's host will be Jimmy Kimmel, and on his latest statement he joked referencing to the infamous Will Smith, Chris Rock Oscars slap: "I think the decision to go with a champagne carpet rather than a red carpet shows how confident we are that no blood will be shed."


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