Pamela Anderson Says #Metoo Movement Is 'a Bit Much'

Published November 5th, 2018 - 08:54 GMT
Former Playboy playmate Pamela Anderson slammed the #MeToo campaign (Source: Jaguar PS - Shutterstock)
Former Playboy playmate Pamela Anderson slammed the #MeToo campaign (Source: Jaguar PS - Shutterstock)

Pamela Anderson says the #MeToo movement is "a bit much".

The former Playboy playmate has slammed the campaign - which was started to give a voice and platform to victims of sexual misconduct - and claimed people should be able to keep themselves safe.

Appearing on Australian TV channel 9Now's '60 Minutes', she said: "I think that this #MeToo movement is a bit too much for me.

"I'm sorry, I'll probably get killed for saying that... but my mother taught me, don't go to a hotel with a stranger."

The 51-year-old star also took aim at "third wave feminism", and criticised the impact it can have on men.

She added: "I think this feminism can go too far. I'm a feminist, but I think that this third wave feminism is a bore... I think it paralyses men."

Her comments come after Lindsay Lohan apologised for appearing to slam the #MeToo movement and accuse some women of being "attention seakers".

She later sought to clarify what she meant, and said in a statement: "I would like to unreservedly apologize for any hurt and distress caused by a quote in a recent interview.

"The quote solely related to my hope that a handful of false testimonies out of a tsunami of heroic voices do not serve to dilute the importance of the #MeToo movement, and all of us who champion it.

"However, I have since learned how statements like mine are seen as hurtful, which was never my intent. I'm sorry for any pain I may have caused.

"I feel very strongly about the #MeToo movement. Their testimony has served to protect those who can't speak, and give strength to those who have struggled to have their voices heard."

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