Paris Hilton Changes Longtime Goals of Being a Billionaire to Wanting Babies

Published June 23rd, 2021 - 08:30 GMT
The reality star had a longtime goal of becoming a billionaire
The reality star had a longtime goal of becoming a billionaire
the socialite has more important goals these days

One of Paris Hilton's longtime goals of being being a billionaire will seemingly go unfulfilled, as the socialite has more important goals these days: having babies.

The 40-year-old spoke with Variety to promote her new YouTube documentary This Is Paris, which was filmed just two years ago.

The reality star had a longtime goal of becoming a billionaire before production started, but now she's focused on starting a family.

'It was such a goal of mine before because I wasn’t happy in my personal life,' Hilton revealed during the podcast interview.

'And also just going through what I went through, I always saw money as freedom and independence, and not being controlled,' she added

'And I think that’s why I just had that as my focus in life. And now that I am so incredibly happy and in love in my personal life I’m not really interested in billions anymore. I’m more interested in babies,' Hilton continued.

The blonde bombshell has been dating entrepreneur Carter Reum since December 2019, with the couple getting engaged in February.

It isn't immediately clear when the wedding will take place, though Hilton is clearly focused on starting a family after tying the knot.

The wedding planning will be chronicled in a new series entitled Paris in Love, debuting on the Peacock streaming service.

Hilton insisted in another interview, 'It’s not reality television. It’s a docuseries,' though it's unclear when the project will air.

Hilton revealed in the documentary that she was mentally and physically abused at the Provo Canyon School in Utah.

She has since gone on to become an activist for legislation to regulate boarding schools, speaking at the Utah Senate.

'I totally felt like Elle Woods when I was speaking at the [Utah] senate,' Hilton said, referring to Reese Witherspoon's character in Legally Blonde.

'When I went and signed the bill with them I literally felt like I had that Elle Woods moment,' she added.

She added the documentary was a 'healing' experience for her, as she realized she needs to cut certain people out of her life.

'I'm sick of people using me. I’m just not going to have negative people in my life anymore. I’ve wasted too much time having bad people in my life who were only trying to use me,' she said.


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