Hollywood socialite and international party girl Paris Hilton will be returning to the UAE next week to get her DJ on and to promote her handbag range. 

Hilton, an heiress of the Hilton hotel chain, has had multiple "careers" during her time in the public limelight - she's tried out acting, writing, singing and now...DJing? The blonde bombshell is set to take to the turntables at Dubai's exclusive Cavalli Club to play some of her latest tunes.

Perhaps Ms. Hilton's recent love affair is going to be more successful than her foray onto the silver screen - according to Tabloid, after collaborating with DJ Afrojack, she had her DJing debut in 2012 at the Pop Music Festival to mixed reviews, but upped her game this year and secured a resident DJ spot at Amnesia club in Ibiza. 

After DJing on December 1, Hilton will be making an appearance at the Arabian Centre between 3 and 4pm on December 2 at the Dubai handbag and accessories store named after her. We can add "budding handbag designer" to her list of accolades, it seems!

The leggy and somewhat notorious blonde has frequently visited Dubai and is known to have a penchant for the UAE - four years ago, she told Tabloid: Usually when I get off an aeroplane, there are like 100 paparazzi, it’s complete mayhem, really scary and everyone’s pushing and screaming. So I felt very calm,” she said. “Everyone was very respectful and I just thought everyone was so polite and welcoming.”