Paris Hilton Loses Her Engagement Ring?

Published July 1st, 2018 - 09:58 GMT
Paris Hilton had two replica rings made (source: Parishilton / Instagram)
Paris Hilton had two replica rings made (source: Parishilton / Instagram)

Paris Hilton has had two replica engagement rings made.

The 37-year-old DJ - who nearly lost her $2 million engagement ring after it flew off her finger at a nightclub earlier this year - has had two fake rings made to ensure her jewellery is not targeted.

Speaking on Access Live, she said: "I had a couple replicas made because I'm scared to go to certain countries and have this ring on. So I had three more of those made just, you know, for deejaying and going to certain places."

It comes after Paris - who is set to marry fiancé Chris Zylka after he got down on one knee earlier this year - previously confessed she feels "so lucky" not to have lost her engagement ring when she was partying at RC Cola Plant at Mana Wynwood in Miami.

Taking to Twitter to explain what happened, she said: "The ring was just so heavy and big that while I was dancing it literally flew off my finger into an ice bucket a couple of tables over.

Thank God by some miracle my fiancé found it before someone else did and most likely would not have returned it. I am so lucky!"

And a source added: "Paris was dancing with her hands in the air, and the next minute her giant ring had flown off.

She was really panicked as the venue was packed and very dark, it was the early hours of the morning and it was crazy in there.

Security started an exhaustive search of the VIP area with torches, led by Chris and with the help of other patrons.

There was a frantic scramble with everyone looking for it, people were crawling on the floor, under tables, under other people's feet, and under seats.

Miraculously they found the ring in an ice bucket two tables down. It was amazing that they managed to even see that huge diamond in an ice bucket.

Paris cried with relief when it was safely back on her finger."

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