Pascal Mashaalani spoiled by nature

Published August 10th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Lebanese singer Pascal Mashaalani has proudly announced that she holds no regrets in leaving her previous production company Music Master and joining Rotana Music Production Company. The singer stressed that since she became a part of Rotana, the company has spoiled her in every way possible making sure all her needs are met. 


According to the Arab magazine Sayidaty, in a personal interview, Pascal stressed that the best decision she has made throughout her career was joining Rotana, which took her in with open arms. Pascal revealed that no dispute had occurred with Music Master, and her decision to move was made on the best interest of her career path. 


During her last visit to Dubai, Mashaalani held extensive negotiations with the head of music Rotana for the possibility of joining their team. The talks between the two sides turned out to be successful with Pascal signing a contract with Rotana and officially joining their long list of singers.  


Rotana’s authority over the releases of Pascal will take effect as soon as her current contract with Music Master is over. Music Master is releasing the last album for Pascal this summer and after that Rotana will take over.  


The singer also noted in the interview that one of her life's dreams is finding the right man and living a fairytale love relationship. The singer denied all previous rumors that she had secretly married a wealthy businessman, saying that the last thing she would do is marry in secrecy. The singer stressed that this is not the first time lies were written about her and secret marriages saying if they were true then she would be married to so many men all at once.  


Mashaalani is very keen on how she presents herself to her audience and is always careful not to be classified as a performer but rather as a singer who holds enormous talent. Director Salim Turk had previously commented that he feels Pascal is too innocent in her music videos and is not daring enough to try out new techniques that may help increase her popularity. The singer stated in that she prefers to be referred to as innocent and have ladylike manners than acting as a westerner and use seduction and inappropriate body movements in her clips to capture people's attention.  


The singer added that she does not find Salim's manner of direction to be suitable to her upbringing or to the entire Arab world's traditions and social ethics. She added that she will not waste any of her valuable time arguing with Salim for she has much more important things to do like completing her upcoming album.  


The new album will feature ten songs that vary in composition and style. The most notable composition Pascal has acquired is that from the Tunisian folklore, Egyptian and Lebanese accent, along with songs taken from the Bedouin heritage.  


Pascal is hopeful that her new album will be a success, especially due to the fact that she has been away from the scenes for some time. The singer has carefully selected the composers and poets for her album some of who are Tony Abi Karam. Issam Karika, and Munir Abu Yousif. - 

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