Politics and George Bush entice Latifa

Published July 29th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Tunisian singer Latifa has expressed her interest in starring in a film that tackles the political situation in the Middle East focusing mainly on the events occurring in Iraq and Palestine. The singer has revealed that she is willing to accept the leading role in any film dealing with such issues and is currently looking into a number of scripts. 


According to the Saudi based daily, Al Watan, Latifa stressed that there are no political films that have really tackled the extremely sensitive situation the Iraqi and Palestinian people are in, and there is a strong need for such themes in films at the present time to make people more aware of what is happening around them. The singer added that in order for a film to be successful and realistic in tackling such issues, it should include important political personalities like US president George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfield.  


Latifa has assured that she did not undergo any kind of plastic surgery to her face and her new look is 100 percent natural. The singer stressed that there is not one reason for her to undergo any sort of surgery, for she is more than happy with the way she looks, adding that she does not deny that plastic surgeries can be very helpful for those who need them, but in her case she prefers to consult fashion and makeup experts who are able to present her in a new and fascinating look.  


The first days of the new album "Habibi Ma Itrooh Ib'eed" (My Love Don’t Go Far) released by Latifa, have proven to be a huge success with people rushing to record stores in order to buy the album. The new release marks Latifa's return to the music scenes after an absence that lasted over three years.  


Her album was previously scheduled to be released on June 26, 2003, but was postponed due to a few minor problems. The album holds the title "Habibi Ma Itrooh Ib'eed", and is produced by Alam El Phan Music Company. It features a variety of 12 songs that were very carefully chosen by Latifa. The album includes many surprises, with a Khaliji (Gulf) song written by Prince Badr Bin Abdul Muhsin. –Albawaba.com  

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