Prominent Arab Singers to Receive Honors at First-Ever Beirut Festival

Published May 2nd, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The first festival to honor prominent Arab singers, composers and poets will be held May 3-5 at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut.  

The stars of the Lebanese song festival will perform at the concert, according to the festival committee chief, Wisam Abu Shaqra.  

“It is going to be a faithful display of how the new generation feels towards the old generation’s innovators in terms of tunes, composition, and original Arabic singers,” he said.  

The festival also aims to support young Arab performers in order to strengthen the base of traditional Arabic singing. The event comes at a time when some Arab songs have drifted towards western and non-Arab styles, which are “far away from our veteran Arab heritage and culture,” added Abu Shaqra. 

“All songs of the honored singers will be translated into French and English, which is a new way of familiarizing the western world with Arabic singing,” the festival committee chief said. 

Following is the festival schedule and a list of the artists to be honored, as well as their countries: 

Lebanon: Najah Salam, Fayza Ahmad, Sabah, Fairus, Samira Tawfiq, Lor Dakkash, Wade’ El Safi, Nassri Shams Eddin, Zaki Nassif, Essam Rajji. 

Syria: Karawan, Mayyada El Hennawi, Assala Nassri, Sabah Fakhri, Rafiq Shukri, Najib El Sarraj (composer), Rashed El Sheikh (composer), Mohammed Mohsen (composer), Abdel Fattah Sukkar (composer), Suheil Arafa (composer), Mute’ El Massri (composer), Adnan Abul Shamat (composer), Essa Ayyoub (poet). 

Saudi Arabia: Talal El Maddah, Abbadi El Jawhar, Mohammed Abdoh and Abdel Rab Edriss. 

Egypt: Umm Kalthoum, Najat El saghira, Laila Murad, Shadia, Zakaryya Ahmad, Farid El Atrash, Mohammed Abdel Muttaleb, Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Sayyed Darwish, Karem Mahmoud and Saleh Abdel Hay. 

Jordan: Salwa El Ass, Tawfiq El Nemri and Faissal Helmi. 

Morocco: Abdel Wahab El Dokali, Abdel Hadi Belkhyatt and Nai’mah Samih. 

United Arab Emirates: Eid El Faraj and Jaber Jasem. 

Kuwait: Nawal, Shadi El Khalij and Awad El Dukhi. 

Algeria: Warda and Rabeh Deriasa. 

Iraq: Sa’adoun Jaber and Nathem El Ghazali. 

Tunisia: Alyya and Luttfi Bushnaq. 

Bahrain: Ahmad El Jmeri. 

Palestine: Riad El Bandak. 

Qatar: Ali Abdel Sattar. 

Libya: Mohammed El Silini. 

Sudan: Sayyed Khalifa. 

Yemen: Ahmad Fathi – 

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