Ragheb Alama goes recycling mad with old songs remixed for new album

Published January 15th, 2013 - 10:54 GMT
Ragheb Alama figures out the wonders of recycling.
Ragheb Alama figures out the wonders of recycling.

When you're a busy celebrity, traipsing all over the world for the next photo opportunity, it's tough to focus your energy on your craft. For Lebanese superstar, Ragheb Alama, producing a whole new album's worth of songs has become a serious strain.

So the Arab Idol judge decided that enough was enough and his latest record will mostly be recycled material from his old work. While some of the songs have reportedly been "remixed", others won't change at all.

Helpfully for fans, Ragheb said he will be using songs that weren't very popular when they were first released, so as to make best use of them with a modern audience.

The star added that he won't be changing some of the tracks at all because the originals hold too many memories for him and he doesn't want to destroy all the success they achieved during the years

Maybe Ragheb's new recycling model for albums will catch on as much as the real thing has with plastic bottles and other trash! 

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