Rania Yassin Defies 'Fiery' Threats

Published April 30th, 2012 - 11:52 GMT
Rania Mahmoud Yassin
Rania Mahmoud Yassin

Rania Mahmoud Yassin claimed that she received 'burning' threats from a relative of the Islamic preacher Zainab Al Ghazali for her role in the upcoming TV series “Um Assabereen” (The Mother of Patience).  Undeterred from pursuing her case with the police, she insisted that this man had crossed the line with her by now.

Rania, who refused to reveal the name of her harasser who could benefit from publicity on her account, added that this man had previously threatened her indirectly through an “Um Assabereen” co-star, one Tariq Al Dosouqi. Beefing up her case against him, she alleges he also threatened her while she was paying a home visit to another relative of Zainab Al Ghazali. At the time, she felt unable to react out of honor and respect for the esteemed Egyptian family.

According to Donia Al-Watan's web-report: Not any more. This time, she makes clear, that she has had enough of this menace, and will not tolerate his bullying and threats to burn her face. By reporting him to the police, she will show him that she is not a victim, and at the same time prevent him from presenting repeat-threats to society.

In other news, Rania has started shooting for the TV series “Haffat Al Ghadab” (The Verge of Anger) directed by Hosny Saleh. Discussing her latest film project, she refers to another sequel for this film that comes in two parts. The first instalment offers light comedy material while the second is more suspense and thriller.

Rania has recently apologized for not participating in another TV series, “Ahl Al Hawa”, (Loving people) which traces the life of the renowned Egyptian poet Mahmud Bayrum Al Tunsi. She has had her hands more than full with shooting other series alongside “Al Hurub”  (Running Away) with Karim Abdul Aziz. Nevertheless, she took pains to spare a gracious thank you to Omar AbdulAziz for taking a chance on her in ”Running Away".

What do you think of the increasing threats to Egyptian celebrities in the face of a changing Egyptian society?


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