Rapper Wiz Khalifa gives Dubai wannabe 'gangstas' a night to remember!

Published April 3rd, 2016 - 06:48 GMT
Wiz rocking the stage in Dubai. (Neeraj Murali/Khaleej Times)
Wiz rocking the stage in Dubai. (Neeraj Murali/Khaleej Times)

THE WEATHER MAY not have been up to our usual standard, but nothing could dampen rapper Wiz Khalifa's spirits as his fun foray to Dubai culminated in the planned cricket stadium concert on Thursday evening.

An intimate turnout enjoyed the See You Again and Black and Yellow hitmaker bellow out his tunes in a windier than usual Sports City supported by the UAE's rap artist Two Tone and DJ Bliss. Khalifa tweeted 'Dubai got some Taylors for sure' in reference to the moniker he gives his crew and fans, as a result of the reception he received when entering the stage. What the crowd lacked in numbers it made up for in noise with the 70-minute set continuously applauded and cheered throughout. As is usual for a Dubai concert, the act drew a varied crowd however much of the front rows were taken by the younger and perhaps more emotionally invested fans.

Nick, who goes by the Twitter handle @theregos, summed up patrons well with his thoughts: 'Omg the amount of wannabe gangsta teens in Sports City now is hilarious #WizKhalifa'.

Khalifa left the stage vowing to return soon and judging from his adventures posted on Twitter and the adoration from the audience, it's easy to see why. 

Please do.

Posted by Wiz Khalifa on Friday, 1 April 2016

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