Razan Al Maghrabi different from Haifa and Nancy

Published June 11th, 2008 - 06:44 GMT

Lebanese artist Razan Al Maghrabi is living the time of her life as her personal life and career excel.

Razan is also happy that the crisis in Lebanon has ended and life as normal has resumed in her beloved country.

She is pleased with the positive comments that the famous director Ismail Abed Al Hafeth made about her performance in the new drama series “Ada Al Nahar” (Except the Daytime).

Razan decided to re-release her new music video clip for her song “Maktobli Ahwak” (I am destined to love you)  She previously decided to take the clip off the air due to the crisis in Lebanon.

 According to the London daily Elaph, Razan revealed that the one thing that truly makes her very happy is having stability in Lebanon and the election of the new president Michael Suleiman.

 Razan pointed that her new soft drink advertisements are different than those made by Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wahbe, and Muhammad Hamaqi.

 Razan says that she is almost done filming her scenes for the new drama series “Ada Al Nahar” (Except the Daytime).

   She will then film a new video clip for her song “Shoftoh O Shafni” (I Saw Him And He Saw Me), written by Muhammad Al Bohi and composed by Mahmoud Khayami.  She has yet to decide on a director for the new clip that will be filmed in Lebanon.

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