Reactions for Adım Farah's 1st episode

Published March 2nd, 2023 - 08:25 GMT
Reactions for Adım Farah's 1st episode
the lead star is Demet Özdemir

ALBAWABA - Twitter flooded with reactions over the first episode of the new FOX Turkey show, Adım Farah.

With the release of the first episode of Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek's new Turkish drama Adım Farah, fans shared their excitement and positive comments about the show. 

One Twitter user shared: "A true masterpiece, well done Adım Farah team."

Another stated: "Turkish drama fans, you have to watch this show, Adım Farah."

A user stated: "Do you know when a series excites you from the very beginning with its thriller effect that sparks curiosity and suspense? this is the feeling I got when I watched the series Adım Farah, the characters are amazing but the directing and coloring were not that good."

In the series, the lead star,  Demet Özdemir who plays the role of former surgeon Farah flees her home country, discovers she is pregnant and is now forced to stay in Istanbul, where she ends up working as a cleaner.

Farah's son suffers from a very weak immune system since birth, so he must live in a sterile environment, and Farah takes the role of both a mother and a doctor at the same time for her son, as there is nothing she will not do in order to treat her son so that he stays healthy and can live like a normal child. 

And one night, Farah was cleaning in one of the places and accidentally witnesses a tragedy. 


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