Reebok Picks Cardi B to be 'Meet You There' Collection Face

Published August 17th, 2019 - 06:20 GMT
Cardi B wears Ashi Studio at the Grammy Awards. (AFP)
Cardi B wears Ashi Studio at the Grammy Awards. (AFP)
Cardi B is the face of Reebok's new 'Meet You There' collection and features in a campaign video discussing how she always stays true to herself.

Cardi B is the face of Reebok's inclusive 'Meet You There' collection.

The 26-year-old rapper - who has 13-month-old daughter Kulture with her husband Offset - was named a partner and ambassador for the sporting giant, which is owned by parent company Adidas, back in November 2018, and now the star has featured in the brand's 45-second video whilst discussing how she always stays true to herself.

Speaking in the campaign video, she said: "I just thought I was weird because everybody kept telling me that I'm weird but when I started doing videos on Instagram, and so many people claimed that they relate to me, I was like, 'Whoa, I guess there's a lot of weird people out there.'

"A lot of people always talking about how I talk. I have a very deep accent, and I started feeling real insecure about it, but it's like, 'Nah, forget it.' I gotta be real with myself all the time. That's what I gotta do to stay me."

The collection is available in a huge range of sizes, from 2XS to 3XL, and caters to both men and women.

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Reebok's President Matthew O'Toole previously said: "For us, she really is emblematic of what our brand has done well over the years and that is to be bold, provocative and uninhibited.

"If we look at some of the things we've done with Allen Iverson or being the first to sign musicians, or more recently with Kerby [Jean-Raymond] of Pyer Moss, when we are at our best we are with people who are comfortable living out loud and Cardi fits that."

An official statement from Reebok added: "Cardi isn't just a world-class entertainer. She's a mother, a style icon, a pop culture magnet and - above all else - a fearless individual. She's broken every mold that superstars are supposed to fit into - and she's reached the top by following nobody's path but her own."

Reebok has previously collaborated with a host of other music stars, including Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, Future, Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah and Eve.

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