Robert De Niro sneaks a private visit to Kuwait

Published June 20th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

American superstar Robert De Niro went on a quick and private tour to Kuwait to visit the US army bases and check on the American soldiers that have been there since the US war on Iraq. The purpose of Robert's very short trip, which lasted less than a day, was to boost the spirits of the soldiers and say thank you on behalf of everyone back home in America. He also assured them that their country is very proud of them for liberating Iraq and took a number of pictures with them.  


According to the London based daily, Al Sharq Al Awsat, during Robert's surprised visit to Kuwait, he made it a point to put on the traditional Khaliji (Gulf) dress and expressed that he finds it to be very comforting and elegant. The singer had stressed that he does not intend on taking part in any film that depicts the US war on Iraq. 


De Niro was one of the actors who supported the war on Iraq and felt that the US must free the Iraqi people from their dictator. He added the US troops did what they had to do and what they felt was right.  


Robert, who is head of the Tribeca film festival in New York, had personally invited Egyptian actress Yusra to be a member of the judging committee. Yusra was be part of a committee that consists of some of the most famous names in Hollywood like Al Pacino and Michael Moore.  


De Niro is a name and a face emblematic of Hollywood and has taken part in some of the best films ever produced in the United States. He is capable of physically transforming himself, his voice and his appearance. He is a ductile actor who adapts himself equally to drama, comedy and black cinema. 

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