The Rock Pulls a Stunt in Skyscraper's Final Trailer

Published July 3rd, 2018 - 01:55 GMT
The Rock Pulls a Stunt in Skyscraper's Final Trailer  (source: the rock / Instagram )
The Rock Pulls a Stunt in Skyscraper's Final Trailer (source: the rock / Instagram )

Can you smell The Rock cooking?

That's because he very nearly gets flambéed in the final trailer for Skyscraper, which was released on Monday.

The mostly dialogue-less clip see's Dwayne Johnson attempt a maneuver so ill-advised, he can only summarize it thusly: 'This is stupid'.

In the movie he plays former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader who was seriously injured when a job went badly wrong, losing part of his leg.

His new job sees him assessing safety and security of high rise buildings, and he's hired to assess the world's tallest, The Pearl in Hong Kong.

Said building obviously scored very poorly for when we join The Rock's Will Sawyer, its on fire and his family are trapped '240 floors in the air'. 

He then rappels down the side of the building to an enormous rotating fan structure, carefully timing the spins of the blade before jumping between them. 

He doesn't get to hang around long though as it suddenly explodes, drawing a 'sh*t!' out of the former WWE star as he dives back out to catch his rope.

Spinning wildly around the tower, he loses his grip and plummets to Earth, saved only when his prosthetic leg snags in the rope.

Pulling himself up his prosthesis the detaches, leaving him clinging to it for dear life. 

His wife meanwhile, who is played by Neve Campbell, has some crazy stunts of her own to pull off, walking across a narrow beam above a raging inferno, while carrying her son on her back.

Skyscraper swings into theaters in July 13.


Skyscraper - Official Trailer 3

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