Rowan Atkinson Quits Being Mr Bean Again

Published October 6th, 2018 - 06:53 GMT

It was one of his most iconic characters, who shot to stardom around the world in the nineties thanks to his comedic charm.

But Rowan Atkinson, 63, admitted that he probably wouldn't return to the role of Mr Bean as he feels like he's done all that he can with the character. 

During an appearance on the Graham Norton show, he candidly admitted: 'I doubt he will ever reappear.'

The actor first took on the role in 1990, in a 15-part series created by the comedian and award-winning writer Richard Curtis.

Audience numbers peaked at 19 million for the show, and spawned an animated series and two films, the last of which -Mr Beans Holiday- was released in 2007.

Although the character is iconic, Rowan admitted he's not always been recognised, as he explained: ‘One man said, “You are the spitting image of Mr Bean”. When I told him I was, he said, “I bet you wish you were”.

‘The man added, “The resemblance is uncanny you’d get lookalike work. You’d make an absolute fortune.’

The Blackadder star returns to the big screen with the next chapter in his comedy spy series Johnny English Strikes Again, the third instalment in the franchise.

Talking about the film, and asked if he ever makes himself laugh, he admitted, 'I find film very difficult and stressful. Only very, very occasionally do I find what I do funny.

'When they tried to make a blooper tape of Blackadder, they couldn't find anything of me laughing or making mistakes.'

He then added: 'There was nothing of me even being remotely amused.'

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