Ruby provokes enticement in the musicians association

Published June 29th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

It appears that Egyptian singer Ruby will always be surrounded by problems that are aroused around her wherever she goes. After being accepted in the musicians association and giving a generous donation to the retirement fund (50 thousand EGP) Ruby is still facing opposition from many association members. 


The oppositionists headed by Rida Ragab and Mystro Salah Aram waged a fierce wave of criticism against Hassan Abu Saoud Saying that Ruby's donation is considered as a bribe to accept her membership.  


Hassan Abu Saoud, head of the Musicians Association, answered back by saying that he cannot get Ruby out of business if she came to the association and sincerely wanted to be a member. Composer Hilmi Baker, known to be against seductive singers, said that he cannot understand how the association could accept such a low class of singing. 


At the same time Ruby's film, “Sabe3 Wara'at Kotcheena”, is soon to be screened, the funny thing that the ad for the movie had Sherif Sabri's name three times. One time saying the first movie for the director Sherif Sabri, the second for storywriter, and the end of the ad said direction by Sherif Sabri. 


The date of the release is not known yet but most likely, it is going to be on June 30 because postponing it to July 7 will coincide with the movie “3okal” for Mohammed Saad. The movie “Tito” had already collected 400 thousand EGP in the first day of screening; also “Khalti Faransa” had also collected 200 thousand EGP since it was screened several days ago. Choosing to screen Ruby's film at this time is considered a great risk from the production company. – 

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