Ryan Reynolds Responds to a Two-Month-Old Fan Tweet

Published July 29th, 2018 - 02:38 GMT
Ryan Reynolds continues to be one of the most affable names on the A-list (Source: vancityreynolds/ Instagram )
Ryan Reynolds continues to be one of the most affable names on the A-list (Source: vancityreynolds/ Instagram )

Ryan Reynolds continues to be one of the most affable names on the A-list.

On Saturday, the Deadpool actor, 41, continued a back-and-forth with a fan under the handle @itsmikeithink, responding to a two-month-old tweet.

The fan initially pressed Reynolds for a quote for his senior yearbook, writing to the actor: 'GIVE ME A SENIOR QUOTE B**** I HAVE A DEADLINE.'

The Vancouver, Canada responded in November of 2017, 'Satan is gonna take it from here.'

The fan went on to use the quote, and took to Twitter in May to share with Reynolds the shot of himself in a tux alongside the words the actor provided.

On May 26, the fan @itsmikeithink tweeted, 'finally got my yearbook. thank you king' with an emoji of prayer hands.

Reynolds - riffing off his original quote, 'Satan is gonna take it from here,' wrote to the fan, 'Wall Street is gonna take it from here.'

Inspired: The fan, named Michael Nealon, used the actor's quote in his senior yearbook

The response from Ryan, who's married to Blake Lively, 30, was a social media boom for the fan, who received more than 11,000 likes in his correspondence with the comically-gifted entertainer.

Reynolds on Saturday also tweeted in regards to an ironic anniversary, when footage from his wildly-successful Deadpool made its way online in the summer of 2014.

The leak kick-started a chain of events that heightened public interest in the motion picture, leading Twentieth Century Fox to green-light the franchise, which has since taken in more than $1.5 billion in international box office receipts.

Reynolds wrote Saturday, 'It’s the 4 year Leak-iversery. UPDATE: Still searching for the bastard who leaked our test footage onto the internet causing Deadpool to receive a green light.

'Taking over the investigation myself. #Angry.'

Reynolds has been tongue-in-cheek in his denials that he was involved with the leak; he told Variety last year when asked who the leaker was, 'I have an entertainment lawyer; I’ll leave it at that.'

In a chat with Jimmy Fallon the year before, Ryan said of the leak that between himself and others high-up on the film - writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and director Tim Miller - 'I know that one of us did it.

'There’s four of us ... one of us did it,' he said. 'We all sort of said at the beginning, "Someone should leak it. Someone should leak it" … but I’m 70 percent sure it wasn’t me.'

Reynolds can be seen in Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut, which will be available on digital formats August 7 and Blu-ray August 21.



Anniversary day: Reynolds acknowledged the anniversary of the Deadpool leak on Saturday as well

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