Safa Sultan a traitor of the state? She says not

Published February 4th, 2014 - 09:19 GMT

Jordanian Syrian actress Safa Sultan is getting some heat after her appearance on the show "Soula" hosted by Asala Nasri. Accusations began floating around social media that Safa is now a traitor of her country.

According to, these days, any Syrian celebrity that appears on Asala's show or with her in public is immediately considered a traitor according to Syrians who support President Bashar Al Asad and his regime. Asala, who is known for her anti-Bashar views and strong supporter of the opposition in Syria, is now considered a threat to any Syrian celebrity she hosts.

Safa had wanted to share her experience on Asala's show with her fans by posting behind the scenes photos from the episode she filmed, but she was shocked with the amount of negative feedback she received. Among the comments that were posted by fans, one stated, "What did you gain by appearing with the traitor Asala?", "We used to love and respect you, but now no, we never thought you would accept an invitation to appear with Asalah."

Keeping things diplomatic, Safa responded to the negative criticism with, "First and foremost, we are two celebrities and this is the nature of our work, despite my utmost respect for the opinions of everyone, I will not accept any insult of anyone on my personal account, all my love and longing for my dear Syria."

Safa added, "The episode I filmed was very amusing and featured Jordanian stars and I hope it meets the satisfaction of people, and the most important thing I pray for is that God protect Syria and its people and I am confident I have a place in all their hearts."

The episode with Safa also featured Lebanese singer Fares Karam, Jordanian singer Omar Al Abdallat, Lebanese composer Salim Salama and jordanian stars Zain Awad and Nadeem Nour.

The show "Soula" airs weekly on the satellite channels "OSN" and "Abu Dhabi TV".

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