Saif Nabeel Gets Arrested in Dubai?

Published September 14th, 2021 - 01:00 GMT
Saif's comments was an indirect denial of the rumors
Saif's comments was an indirect denial of the rumors
Saif Nabil Denies Rumors of his arrest

Iraqi artist Saif Nabil was all over social media recently due to the alleged news of his arrest in the UAW where he is currently residing. 

Nabil decided to break his silence through a friend who took an Instagram video of the singer 'Saif, what are our preparations for Jordan?'' his friend said in the video.

''We will break the world and rock the stage'' Saif answered. 

Saif's comments was an indirect denial of the rumors of his arrest, and that he was 'banned' from traveling following the lawsuit filed by his Lebanese girlfriend after he abused her physically and caused her various injuries, and the reason was jealousy on her part, according to the Lebanese journalist Elie Bassil.

Eli had added that the matter began about a week ago, and at that time Saif was arrested in the Emirates, where he has a golden residency.

However, fans had different opinions in this regard, as they attached several comments, including “Pay the fine and go out and say what you have spurred.”

Another continued, “The biggest proof is that what has become of the truth of your appearance and justification.” He hits his girlfriend well enough to spread it.”

One of them added, “There is no prison in Dubai that turns to the Public Prosecution Office as a criminal case and then a fine.”


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