Samer Al Masri kills rumors of his death fighting in Syria

Published December 1st, 2013 - 09:58 GMT
Samer Al Masri's mad about the crazy rumors
Samer Al Masri's mad about the crazy rumors

Syrian actor Samer Al Masri denied news reports that he and his family were subjected to any form of assault and was killed as a result. Samer said, "Thank God my family and I live in peace and harmony," denying his death in Syria and stressing that he has been living out of the country for the past two years.

While he did allegedly receive death threats earlier this year, Samer was shocked at recent rumors stating that he had taken part in the war in Syria and said, "I have my personal opinion regarding the situation in Syria, but I did not fight against anyone and all that was written is mere lies and especially the news reports on a number of Facebook pages saying that I was killed in Syria."

According to, a photo of Samer has been circulating on the internet showing him holding a rifle and saying that he is fighting on the side of the Syrian Free Army against the Syrian government and President Bashar Al Asad. News reports had stated that Samer was killed during a confrontation with the Syrian army.

Samer has taken part in numerous humanitarian activities since the war broke out in Syria and continuously called for dialogue between the government and opposition.

With regards to the different television dramas that tackled the subject of war in Syria, Samer said that he considers most of them as good, but still feels that the conditions in his country have greatly impacted Syrian drama that was considered number one in the Arab world.

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