Sandra Bullock

Published August 19th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Date of Birth: July 26, 1964 

Place of Birth: Arlington, Va, USA 

Sign: Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius 

Relations: Father: John (voice coach); mother: Helga (opera singer; deceased); sister: Gesine (lawyer); ex-companion: Tate Donovan (actor); companion: Bob Schneider (musician); former companion: Matthew McConaughey 

Education: Dropped out of East Carolina University 


SANDRA BULLOCK CAN be cute and sexy, sweet and silly, good and evil, hellish or heavenly; it’s just the way she is! 

Little wonder that Bullock has been tagged as America's "Girl Next Door;" she was voted "Most Likely to Brighten Your Day" by her high school senior class. That she landed an action role as a plucky heroine in Speed as her breakout performance was a coup: That's just how we'd like to imagine The Girl Next Door. Fame, fortune and a fanatical following was proof of the contagious concoction.  

Despite being descended from a theatrical family (her mother was a German opera singer, her father a voice coach), her beginnings in show business were inauspicious. Her first starring role was in a short-lived TV series called Working Girl, based on the hit motion picture. Sandra then made the rounds in a succession of forgettable B pictures (Love Potion No. 9, Who Shot Patakango, When the Party's Over, The Vanishing, and The Thing Called Love), but her charm and hard work would eventually pay off: In 1993 she re-enacted a show business tradition by gaining recognition as a replacement (for Tank Girl Lori Petty) in the futuristic crime drama Demolition Man, opposite Sylvester Stallone.  

A bus that couldn't travel under 50 mph and serious screen chemistry with Keanu Reeves followed, and Sandra Bullock was a star. Romantic comedy was another Sandra success story, with While You Were Sleeping causing cooing, cuddling and cash worldwide. She followed up with The Net as the best-looking computer programmer in the history of geekdom.  

The rest, as they say is history. 

Sandra's own production company, Fortis Films, produced the romantic comedy Hope Floats, as well as Practical Magic, the story of two New England sisters struggling with their witch heritage (clue: hilarity ensues). 1999 found Bullock stranded with Ben Affleck in Forces of Nature (remember the infamous premier shot of Bullock squeezing Affleck’s tooshie.  



2000 28 Days  

1999 Exactly 3:30  

1999 Forces of Nature  

1998 Practical Magic  

1998 Prince of Egypt  

1998 Hope Floats  

1997 Speed 2: Cruise Control  

1996 Two If by Sea  

1996 In Love and War  

1996 A Time to Kill  

1995 While You Were Sleeping  

1995 The Net  

1994 Speed  

1993 Wrestling Ernest Hemingway  

1993 The Vanishing  

1993 The Thing Called Love  

1993 Demolition Man  

1992 When the Party's Over  

1992 Me and the Mob  

1992 Love Potion No. 9  

1990 Working Girl  

1989 Who Shot Patakango?  

1989 Religion, Inc. 

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