Sen Çal Kapımı 20: Serkan Proposes to Eda & Selin Tries to Break Them Up (Video)

Published November 30th, 2020 - 11:29 GMT
Sen Çal Kapımı 20: Serkan Proposes to Eda & Selin Tries to Break Them Up

Episode 20 of Sen Çal Kapımı (You Knock on My Door) carried many interesting events, starting with Eda, played by Hande Erçel, discovering the secret that Serkan, played by Kerem Bürsin, kept from her regarding the death of her parents, and asking Alptekin about what happened to them and hold him accountable.

Serkan addressed harsh words to Selin after she was the reason that Eda knew the secret before he told her, and Alptekin left his house to live in a hotel, after Serkan also addressed harsh words to him.

Later, Eda forced Serkan to sign a contract that included clauses about the form of their future relationship, as well as penalties in case he violates one of them.

She also made him sign the contract without seeing what was written in it, which eventually he did, prompting his friends to be surprised of how much he has changed.

On the other hand, Serkan's mother "Aydan", was competing against Ferit's mother on the presidency of the association, so she used Eda's aunt's help to make 600 of cupcakes, Ferit also helped her.

The episode included some funny scenes, such as Aydan bidding her son Serkan and his friends in an auction to collect donations for the association, and whoever donates the most gets to choose to dine out with one of the guys.

For that reason, Serkan paid for himself in order to win a dinner with Eda, later he gave her an envelop with the restaurant's address.

Selin tries to break the couple up by mixing the envelops and by telling the press that they have broken up.

After episode twenty was over, promo of the next episode was premiered, where Serkan's mother Aydan went to Eda's house to ask her hand for marriage to her son.

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