Ready to get the Sensation? One of the world's greatest music festivals is headed for us!

Published June 25th, 2014 - 07:00 GMT

Sensation is one of the world’s greatest music festivals, but we already knew that. Now you wonder what brings this ID&T prodigy to the Middle East. The entertainment company helped the Dutch trio establish a new movement that allowed freedom of expression and a one-way ticket to self-actualization. Founded in early 1990s, ID &T have finally embarked upon Middle Eastern shores to give the Arab region something we have never experienced before.

Millions travel to Eutopia (wherever Sensation is held), across the globe to be a part of an unforgettable experience. If there’s another thing Arabs needed to be proud of, it is Sensation.

Sponsored by Audi, the all white event is expected to bring together more than 15,000 people on October 31 at Meydan race course.

Nicolas Vandenabeele, the marketing director of ENVIE events, was in Dubai recently and spoke to Saudi Gazette in an exclusive interview.

This will be the first Sensation organized by them as local promoters at Envie Events and will also mark Sensation’s first open air gig edition. Every Sensation show has a theme. For Dubai it is the “Source of Light.”

With everybody dressed in white and dreamlike performances during the show, we are told the DJ’s will also play a part this time.

The organizers have always remained true to the interpretation of Sensation. “The feelings of unity and celebrating life together are our core values.”

There are typically two editions, Sensation White where you wear all white and the music scene is a mix of house beats and trance.

The other, Sensation Black, moves away to a hardcore raving scene, with an all-black dress code of course.

Dubai has been on the Sensation map for some time but the timing had to be right.

“Sensation is about uniting people and what better place is there then Dubai for that. With many different nationalities living here in peace and harmony, it also has a great influx of tourists. Sensation and Dubai are a natural fit,” Nicolas told Saudi Gazette.

It was quite a ride for the organizers as they worked in compliance with the local laws to put out one of the best shows that have come to the Middle East. “From government perspective we have the support from Dubai Calendar witch was vital for us. The venue (Meydan) is perfect to accommodate the first open air edition of Sensation.”

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Nicolas has shared most of his life with music and festivals that have now become a part of his daily routine. “We had a stage on Tomorrowland for eight years next to the Main stage which was a great experience. So the link between ID&T & us is there for quite some time.”

Sensation is also flying down 100 crew members for Sensation from technicians to F&B staff to give you unmatched service.

Talking about the show, he said: “Source of Light is been touring for some years now. Because we’re doing the first outdoor edition, the complete show had to be adapted. Sensation normally works with a center stage, for the outdoor edition it will be an end stage. So production wise that brings many challenges, and it will give a complete new experience to the ‘Source of Light’ show. The production team from the head quarters worked very hard on it and trust me, it looks amazing!”

As Arabs do, the Middle East operates a lot differently from the rest of the world.

When asked how, he said the biggest difference is that everything here is focused on DJs and not the overall experience when it comes to dance events.

But just to set the record straight, he said: “Don’t think we will come in with Sensation and blast people with a full EDM line up. We will build up the night from house to EDM.”

It’s clear that EDM changed the landscape completely. With DJs charging astronomical fees for performance, to the commercially viable scene, Nicolas believes it has become big business.

“I think Dubai is doing everything to get a good variety of entertainment in the city. For the Middle East, they have become the destination of choice for entertainment. And even from far beyond people are traveling here.”

With 40 percent of the tables already sold, general tickets are being sold by the minute in Sri Lanka, Australia, Belarus, Sweden, Brazil, Chili and beyond.

So hurry up and get your tickets before it’s too late. This is the closest you will get to a fairytale

By Mariam Nihal

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