Shabaan Abdul Rahim prepares for battle as the number one political singer

Published March 15th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

In a private gathering with friends and fans, popular Egyptian folkr singer Shaaban Abdul Rahim expressed his joy at being considered the number one political singer in Egypt and around the Arab world. Shabaan’s new title came after the success of his latest hit single “Hanza’ Al Silah” (I’m Going to Take out My Weapon). 


According to the London based daily, Al Quds Al Arabi, Shabaan called on all Arabs to unite and support Iraq against Western tyranny. The singer also revealed that he is currently the number one singer and actor in Egypt. Shabaan said that he is in competition with Egyptian singer Amr Diab for the number one spot in the music industry and his second rival is Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas.  


With regards to acting, Shabaan stressed the battle between producers and directors over having him act in their films. Shabaan felt this way after his latest experience with Egyptian actor Samir Ghanem, in which Shabaan sees his appearance on stage that lasted a mere ten minutes as a breakthrough in his career. 


Shabaan’s popularity came after his hit single "Ana Bakrah Israel" (I hate Israel) two years ago recording a major success in the market of Cairo and beyond, replacing the typical love songs that people used to listen to. 


The inspiration of the song was sparked after the eruption of the Palestinian uprising (Intifada) in September 2000. His song emerged at a critical time where cultural, political, and social factors all came together in a timely fashion.  


In July 2002, Shaaban withdrew his decision to sit for the Musician's Association test, and hence becoming a "professional singer", as he found that Hilmi Baker was to chair the examination, who is known for his ver strict manner of examination.  


An illiterate from a small village, and an unknown singer for over twenty years, Shaaban's singing career has catapulted with live performances at weddings, private parties, and social occasions. – 

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