Shabaan Abdul Rahim refuses to allow women in his video clips

Published October 30th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Egyptian folkloric singer Shabaan Abdul Rahim was able through his simplicity in style and manner to reach the hearts of many people throughout the Arab world. Shabaan has risen from a poor ironer to well-known singer with his songs reiterated throughout the streets and people anxiously waiting for the opportunity to see him perform.  


Shabaan has stressed that he is not ashamed of the fact that he is an illiterate and comes from such a poverty stricken background, but he is rather proud of his success and popularity and is mostly proud of how his simple songs that are filled with strong feelings have reached the hearts of people. Shabaan revealed that he is not afraid to express himself through his music and is always willing to say what is on his mind. 


According to the Saudi based daily, Okaz, with regards to filming music videos with female dancers in the background, Shabaan stressed that he is totally against the idea and finds it a shameful manner. He feels that it is degrading for women to be used as background ornaments and dance in extremely revealing outfits. He added that he has never used women dancers in any of his clips and does not intend on ever doing so. 


Previously, Shabaan along with his business manager and the writer of his songs are undergoing extensive negotiations with the Egyptian Opera House in order to organize a number of performances. The singer is hoping to reach some form of agreement that will allow him to sing at the opera house alongside other Arab singers like Hani Shaker, Ali Hajjar, and Asalah, in an attempt to prove his stardom. Shabaan has stressed his dream of taking part in different international music festivals in order to represent Egypt, in addition to winning awards like Egyptian singer Amr Diab.  


The folk singer expressed his joy at being considered the number one political singer in Egypt and around the Arab world. Shabaan’s new title came after the success of his latest hit single “Hanza’ Al Silah” (I’m Going to Take out My Weapon). Shabaan called on all Arabs to unite and support Iraq against Western tyranny. The singer also revealed that he is currently the number one singer and actor in Egypt. Shabaan said that he is in competition with Egyptian singer Amr Diab for the number one spot in the music industry and his second rival is Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas.  


Shabaan’s popularity came after his hit single "Ana Bakrah Israel" (I hate Israel) two years ago recording a major success in the market of Cairo and beyond, replacing the typical love songs that people used to listen to.  


An illiterate from a small village, and an unknown singer for over twenty years, Shaaban's singing career has catapulted with live performances at weddings, private parties, and social occasions. – 

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