Shabaan will not sing about Amr Moussa’s defeat

Published June 1st, 2012 - 02:18 GMT
Shabaan Abd Al Rahim
Shabaan Abd Al Rahim

Egyptian folklore singer Shabaan Abdel Rahim (known as Shabola) has made a shocking announcement that he will vote for Egyptian presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik in the second round of the Egyptian Presidential Elections. Shabola decided to vote for Shafiq instead of Mohammad Morsi after his first choice Amro Musa failed tremendously in the results of the first round of elections coming in fifth place.
Shabola’s announcement that he supports Shafiq came as a shock to many because he was the only artist who had over the years expressed his admiration of Amr Moussa and even created a song about him “Bakrah Israel wi Bahib Amr Moussa” (I Hate Israel and Love Amr Moussa).
It was said that Shabola had stopped talking to one of his sons when the latter announced his support of Shafik.
According to the internet website, Shabola stated that he has cleared his differences with his son and realized that he was mistaken to be upset over such a matter because everyone should be free to chose the presidential candidate they feel is more fit. With regards to changing his views about which candidate he will vote for in the second round, Shabola stated that elections are like a soccer match there are losers and winners and one should accept this fact.
Shabola said that he has a feeling Amr will withdraw from the second round of elections and that he wa shocked with the results of the polls especially after seeing the large numbers of supporters Amr had during his campaigns.
Shabola stressed that if Shafik wins he has no intention of making a song for him because the only person he is willing to sing about is Amr Moussa. He added that he also will not be creating a song about Amr if he is defeated in the second round.


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