Shabola criticizes ongoing protests

Published October 4th, 2011 - 04:13 GMT

Egyptian folk singer Shabaan Abd Al Raheem, also known as Shabola, has expressed his frustration with the never ending protests taking place in Egypt’s famous Tahrir Square. The singer expressed his opinion of the protests in a new song titled “Ma Baqash Warana Ghair Medan Al Tahrir” (We have nothing better to do than Tahrir Square). Shabaan completed recording the songs a few days ago.


According to the internet website, Shabaan said during an interview that people have nothing better to do with their time then hold protest. He added that people should be looking for solutions to improve the country after the January 25 Revolution that overthrew the government of ousted President Husni Mubarak, instead of holding constant demonstrations.


Shabaan stressed that he does not insult demonstrators in the new song, because so many are asking for their rights and he respects that, but he believes that matters are being exaggerated and many are trying to find any excuse to hold a protest.


The singer said he wishes that someone needs to put a stop to those people who were not part of the revolution that overthrew the government and are only going on protests to further destroy the country.


Shabaan plans on filming the song in the form of a music video in an indoor studio. He also intends on including screenshots from actual protests that took place in Tahrir Square in the recent months.




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