AGT: Third Semifinal sees tomboy transform to tomgirl!

Published June 10th, 2012 - 11:22 GMT
Arabs Got Talent: approaching the final leg
Arabs Got Talent: approaching the final leg

If you missed last Friday's third episode of the semi finals of Arabs Got Talent, here's a flash-back. The Emirati contestant Shamma Hamdan, blew the competition out of the water, securing herself a nice spot in the final. Egyptian contestants Ahmad and Mohammad Yassin, together with Moroccan group 'Overboys' were in third and fourth place. The judges chose Overboys to join the Emirati voice over in the final, 'over' the Egyptian competition of brothers Yassin.

The new 'girled-up' look of teen Shamma Hamadan went down well with the audience, as, eager to please, the young woman appeared to have given up her tom-boyish cropped-hair, tee and jeans grunge look for a softer feminine style. Viewers seemed captivated by the young lady they had hoped would emerge. Shamma sang Hussien Al Jasmee's song, "Have you ever seen a bird in love with its capturer"? She accompanied her enchanting singing with her magical guitar playing. Ali Jaber voiced the hopes of a region,"The Arab Gulf, needs a voice like yours". Najwa Karam remarked on her "composure on stage", while advising her to open up her mouth, widening her aperture a bit more during singing. Meanwhile, Naser Al Qasabi predicted a great future for the gifted voice.

"Everything has a beat", was the mantra of the Moroccan instrumental ensemble Overboys.  They can play on anything from trash cans to street lamps. They even thrashed out a beat on the stage floor, drumming up a true pulse to their act. The judges were infected by their beat-a-rama.  Nasser was drawn to their radiant energy: "I loved you guys, youthful, great and wonderful". Ali Jaber advised them to keep their smile a permanent fixture of their performances,

The double-act performance of the Egyptian brother duo, Ahmad and Mohammad Yassin, showcased a lot of risky maneuvers which exhibited their sheer strength and balance. After their act, Najwa wanted it known that her early rejection of the duo in the first round, prompted the brothers to do better. Naser said his own 'hear-hear' for the duo, while Ali pointed out that their show proved hard practice.

The Saudi contestant Yehya Saleh better known as Scormix, called for nothing less than the unity of Arabs in his rap song. His track dug into Arab divisions and didn't leave the more sensitive Arab knuckles un-rapped, striking out at the silence of the nations over the situation in Syria and Palestine. Not mincing his words, he called upon the Arab community to unite as one hand. Scormix, may have incorporated the song, "The Arab Dream" into his own rap composition, but he nontheless failed to realize his own dream of impressing those judges. They admitted preferring his first audition, because 'the subject of Arab unity had been over-used already.'

It was almost impossible to count the number of snakes and serpants that the Saudi contestant, Captain Jalal lay with. What we can verify is the sheer amount fear that Najwa Karam felt, evinced by her continuous attempts to escape the stage, (typically with co-judges Ali Jaber and Naser Al Qasabi pitted against her.) A collective gasp was heard when Captain Jalal released a snake from his mouth at the beginning of his act. He then went on to lay down in a glass casket while his assistants kept dumping containers full of snakes on top of him. Najwa had a low tolerance for this hissing spectacle, as she stood up from her seat trying to flee the stage. Naser and Ali knowibg her fear of snakes, asked the Captain to place a python in front of her to her distress!

The shock was obvious on the face of Yemeni contestant Shaher Ali, after hearing what the judges verdict on his guitar riff. He expected to endear the judges with his Salsa strumming accompanimet to a Flamenco dancer. The judges it turned out were more impressed by his audition.

Syrian contestant known as Lord Gaga X, topped the list of receiving the most comments on popular Arabs Got Talent platform Twitter after his weird performance. The Syrian contestant who calls himself Lord Gaga X, is one of the biggest fans of controversial Lady Gaga, It seems however that he has exceeded the original Gaga's controversey, if the Twitter storm he kicked off was anything to go by.

The finale of the episode saw Emirati contestant Shama Hamdan clocking up the highest vote-count, followed by Moroccan group Overboys and Egyptian duo Ahmad and Mohammed Yassin. The judges plumped for Moroccan rhythmic phenomenon Overboys for the final round.

According to the rules, the judges get the last say between the second and third finalist that makes it through to the next level.
Ali Jaber chose Overboys over the Egyptian duo, while Naser favored the brothers Yassin. The pressure was on the female trooper, Najwa, to call who got through to the finals, and the drumming energy-machine Overboys it was.


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