Villa Baboushka's Got a Passion for Egyptian Fashion!

Published July 24th, 2017 - 12:28 GMT
Woo fashion. (Villa Baboushka)
Woo fashion. (Villa Baboushka)

Above: Celebrating 7 years. (Villa Baboushka)

A decade ago, the fashion scene in Egypt may have been fledging but now it seems that we’re on our way to a full blown fashion industry. One of the places that helped flourish the country’s fashion game is, without a doubt, Villa Baboushka.


Above: Celebrating 7 years. (Villa Baboushka)

 Situated in the beautiful island of Zamalek, Egypt’s first stand alone concept store brings history, fashion and art all together under the same roof. The actual villa from Villa Baboushka is a historical site that was built back in 1918. The owners took the gorgeous building and turned it into a one-of-a-kind haven where fashion meets art.

Above: Celebrating 7 years. Again. (Villa Baboushka)

 What makes Villa Baboushka special is that it paved the way for concept stores in Egypt as it introduced the quirky luxurious styles to the market. To enter the villa, you need to actually ring the bell just so you’re allowed entry. It is also divided into seven sections: Quirky, Luxury Morning, Luxury Evening, Vintage Room (for engagements) and Mother of the Bride (for dresses). They also boast an art collection that hails all the way from places such as Brazil, England and France, as well as have international brands such Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Vivienne Westwood and more.

Above: Celebrating 7 years. Again again. (Villa Baboushka)

Only recently, Villa Baboushka celebrated its 7th anniversary and it was quite something. They’ve decided to join forces with the country’s top interior designers, models, photographers and such for a remarkable shoot. They didn’t just stop there, they also decided to bring renowned designer Aikaterini Kalafati all the way from Greece to celebrate her brand, Maurizio Mykonos, at the villa, making sure that Villa Baboushka’s 7th birthday was a special affair.

Above: Celebrating 7 years. Again again again. (Villa Baboushka)

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