Sherine Comments on Accusations of Offending Egypt in New Year's Concert (Video)

Published January 6th, 2019 - 11:25 GMT
Sherine emphasized that many take her spontaneous joking against her (Source: yallamusicc - Instagram)
Sherine emphasized that many take her spontaneous joking against her (Source: yallamusicc - Instagram)

Egyptian songstress Sherine Abdelwahab addressed accusations of offending Egypt with onstage comments during her new year's concert in a phone call in the show "Al Hikaya" (The Tale).

Sherine denied all accusations, emphasizing that her comments were spontaneous and that she only referred to the echo in sound because of the facades of glass and Mirror that were part of the onstage decoration that caused the issue and regarding the sentence she said "I am a loss for this country", she said that she did not mean any offence and that this sentence is one that is frequently used. As for her comment when a table's glass broke was because she wanted to assure people everything is okay.

Sherine also emphasized that many take her spontaneous joking against her, and what is happening with her could be warning her that her stardom does not allow her to talk as spontaneously anymore.

The Egyptian star insisted on her love to her country Egypt and that she does not allow anyone to question her love to it.

Yet, It seems like Sherine's comments during new year's eve won't pass easily, as TV host Tamer Amin continued his attack against her screening part of her concert in which she makes the comments that caused all the accusations.

Amin congratulated Sherine first for her sister's wedding, yet he said that this does not mean she did not mess up and that she has offended Egypt. He also added that many did not believe him because no videos of her comments were posted online, which made his screen a video from the concert of Sherine joking with the concert's attendants after the glass of one of the tables broke while she was singing on stage by saying "Welcome to Egypt! Workers will come now to fix it"

This is not the only public figure who commented on the incident, as maestro Hilmi Baker, who was present in the at the concert and was invited to it by Tunisian singer Saber Al Robai who was also singing in the concert also commented.

Baker said that he was in the WC when Sherine made her comment and only knew about it from the videos that were highly shared online later, and he said "She is an uneducated singer, and many gave her advice that she shall not talk on stage but it seems there is no hope"

He continued to say in a statement to one of the Egyptian newspapers that the stage is for singing and not for talking and he wondered if Sherine has a weak point that she hides by talking to people on stage.

Not so much time passed before lawyer Samir Sabri filed a complaint against Sherine Abdelwahab in which he accuses her of offending Egypt with what she said on stage during her new year's concert.

On the other hand, Sherine's husband Hussam Habib and her father in law defended her while Syndicate of Music Professions denied that they are investigating with her over what happened during new year's concert.

In another story, Sherine celebrated her younger sister's wedding in a hotel family celebration.

Videos from the wedding surfaced online in which Sherine is seen singing the song "Ah ya Dunia" (Oh, you World) alongside songstress Boosy, who was singing in the wedding while Sherine's own husband Hussam Habib was seen dancing with her daughter.

Another video from the wedding was of Sherine's mother saying "Sherine has always been a source of pride for me" which caused applause from the audience.

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