Shireen seeks medical treatment in France

Published July 9th, 2006 - 02:18 GMT

After suffering severe abdominal pain, Egyptian singer Shireen Abdul Wahab flew to France to undergo testing.


The test results showed that Shireen’s condition is not critical, and she is free of a colon infection. Shireen’s doctors advised her to rest and to avoid excitement, and to stay calm and avoid getting tense and angry, stressing that this is the main reason she is experiencing pain.


On a different note, Shireen is waiting for the right time to publicly announce her engagement to Libyan musician Ahmad Ghazali, of Egyptian origin.  The star wants to be sure of her decision first, after making premature announcements about past relationships.


Despite numerous public appearances together, Shireen and Ahmad are not officially engaged, but "intend on making their life long commitment in the very near future," according to Shireen.


Shireen said that her relationship with Ahmad has yet to lead to marriage, and when the time is right she will make a public announcement.


Shireen had initially denied her intimate relationship with Ahmad, stating that she and Ahmad were merely good friends.

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